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Kay Stafford / On Air Mix-show

Kay Stafford shows

Kay Stafford is a very experied DJ, That have been deejaying for about 25 years now. In  many diffent areas(citys) of sweden but mostly

in the capital Stockholm . He started out when he was young about 16 doing many hours behind the vinyl decks in his bedroom studio in stockholm/

Sweden after seeing videos of DMC chaimpionships. He bought hes first 2 Pioneer 1200 turntables and a   Numark mixer .
After about 2 years mixing at home he got a oppurtunity to play at a club for young people. After that the gigs and clubs just keep comming his way.

He has been resident in almost every club he started to play at because his trademark in playing good music all night long.
About 60 different clubs over the years.

Later he switched to cd and now of course mp3 as his instrument to please the crowd. The trademark is to mostly play happy and glad mixes of every

record he finds original or remix. After playing several years at differnt clubs got him a good reputation for almost manage ever music style he likes.
Now days its mostly Club / House, But in the early years he played also ordinary pop,rock,disco,r n b.Around 1998 he swithed to more electronic

music like hard club and also alot of trance. About 2006 he played at most stockholm hits club but also in Hardstyle Clubs (Monday Bar ). About

2007 - to now days its mostly clubhits blended with a little harder house and deep house/techno depending in what floor he plays at. From about

2016 he started making alot of remakes/Bootlegs of big hits and got them sended to several pages and and blogs that shared them to djs and some

clubs. Now he delivers both mixshows to radio stations, And remakes and remixes to several djpools around the world. Also been having video djs

doing videos for his remakes/remixes on youtube and other places like uk ( https://mymbs.eu/).  Countries so far he have been doing dj gigs  is

Sweden, Tallin, Spain, Finland. But the journey isnt over yet.......