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Session w. Marc Tattoo / On Air Mix-show

Session w. Marc Tattoo shows

Just a Simple Journey

mixed by Marc Tattoo

Born in Strasbourg, France, and based now in Vancouver BC (Canada), Marc Tattoo has played at numerous Events across Western Europe, the United States and Canada.


He has become well known on the International Scene playing Parties from Barcelona to Cancun.


During all those years Marc Tattoo has slowly build up an impressive reputation. His style depends on the crowd he does play for but is always positive and upbeat.


He manages to combine different elements and rhythms from various music style and brings them together while sharing his passion for Dance Music with people, using the desks as a medium to help people to forget their troubles, to share a vibe of pure Joy, Happiness and Love.

With his particular accelerating and melodious style added to his own personal European touch, he managed to bring Parties into a higher level while still looking for the next orbit to reached, while making sure that everyone on the dance floor comes close to Elation.


Marc Tattoo: " As far I can remember, Dance Music, in its different forms, was always talking to me, giving me a sense of Happiness and Joy. When I was seventeen years old, I was listening to the latest Disco sounds on the radio … dreaming about dance floors, mirror balls, flashing lights … and sound systems! But it's only a few years later that, finally, I got the chance to fully enter this bewitching Universe, firstly as a dancer on the dance floor and later as a Mover, a Master of Ceremony, taking people on a simple Journey, a Journey full of Sounds, Beats and Emotions... a Journey that now has lasted more than 25 years.


DJ’ing, for me, was never work but always synonym of Fulfillment, Satisfaction, Joy ... and it always made me happy to be able to share my Passion with somebody, somebody who was dancing to my Music and was Happy too!


And if at the end of a set I knew that I brought a little bit of this Passion to someone, even if it was just one person, one person who would let me take him onto this Odyssey, one that made him feel good for a few hours and if he would let me know it after: that was the best way to thanked me for my set and I would so intensely feel good too"