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Out of NYC check out Mike Marquez with his weekly show “Diaries of a House Head” Friday 9pm PT & an encore presentation during Sunday Sessions

The son of a DJ, Mike Márquez’s eclectic love of music and DJ’ing began at the tender age of 6 years old, playing two copies of Lime’s 1985 hit “Unexpected Lovers” that his father had. Loving the drive and dance-ability of that song, he would be led into wanting to spin dance music, Latin Freestyle and eventually the upcoming House scene emerging in the late 1980s in NYC. Using the passion of that 6 year-old playing “Unexpected Lovers” on his father’s belt-drive turntables, Mike has grown up to show versatility in what he now plays. From Soulful and Deep House hits of today, to the classics of the early New York Disco scene, his is a style that all in the dance music community can agree on, is definitely a breath of fresh air with an energy that is infectious.

With over 20 years of playing in NYC clubs, 2020 forced Mike to truly show his versatility, with some saying showing his true talents.

Like most DJs, Mike’s club gigs dried up during the pandemic in 2020. However, utilizing the global audience of Twitch, Mike decided to help distract and heal those affected by a global pandemic with his heralded Sunday Sunrise and Monday Sunset Sessions. Playing for 52 consecutive Sunday Mornings and Monday Evenings from various locations around New York City, Mike was able to highlight his mixing ability on three milk crates and a controller for the course of a year all while amassing over 4,000 followers in that short time. In addition to landing sponsorships with some of the industry’s biggest companies (Mevo, PioneerDJ), and guest mixing on Radio Stations across the country, Mike would also go on to interview some of the world’s biggest DJs with his acclaimed “DJs After Dark with DJ Mike Márquez” show on Twitch. His utilization of Twitch also has allowed him bookings back in newly reopened clubs and parties Spring and Summer of 2021.


His success has also led him to lecture to DJs from all over the globe at the world famous DJ EXPO presented by DJ Times Magazine. Advizing DJs on the keys to success in the post pandemic landscape, by utilizing streaming to further enhance brand and optimize exposure, to a global audience.

Starting off playing with his father’s two Belt-Drive turntables, Mike has gone further than anyone could have thought, and the dance music community at large is the winner!

Starting in July of 2021 Mike will be featured every Friday night on Mix93FM (L.A.) with his exclusive “Diaries of a House Head” series championing all the many flavors of house music that has influenced him throughout his career. Diaries with a House Head with DJ Mike Marquez can be heard on Mix93FM, mix93fm.com, TuneIn.com and by using the TuneIn App.