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Terri B

Terri B! is a versatile and accomplished musician who has achieved success in both dance and soul music genres. She began her career in 1997 as the lead singer of the band 2 Eivissa, who had a #1 hit in Spain and Italy with “Oh la la la” https://www.billboard.com/…/2022/adult-r-and-b-songs/. She then pursued a solo career and collaborated with many famous DJs and producers, such as Avicii, Roger Sanchez, Laidback Luke, Cazzette, Ralphi Rosario, Thomas Gold and more. https://www.billboard.com/…/2022/adult-r-and-b-songs/. She has also written songs for other artists, such as Lutrica McNeal, Sarah Connor, Medina, and Chris Norman https://www.billboard.com/…/2022/adult-r-and-b-songs/. She has won several awards for her work, such as gold status in Europe for writing songs for Medina’s album Welcome to Medina in 2010 https://www.billboard.com/…/2022/adult-r-and-b-songs/. She has also reached the top of the Billboard Dance Chart multiple times, with songs like “Anthem of House”, “Blind Heart”, and “Big Fun” https://www.billboard.com/…/2022/adult-r-and-b-songs/. She is one of only six artists to have two number ones in 2015 in the Billboard Club Songs chart https://www.billboard.com/…/2022/adult-r-and-b-songs/.
In addition to her dance music career, Terri B! has also ventured into soul music with her project The Terri Green Project. She has released several singles and albums that have topped the UK Soul Chart and the US Indie Soul Chart https://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-adult-r-and-b-airplay/ https://www.billboard.com/charts/mainstream-r-and-b-hip-hop/. Some of her soul music hits are “Night to Remember”, “What a Feeling”, “Turnt Up Tonight”, and “Lost Inside Your Love” https://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-adult-r-and-b-airplay/ https://www.billboard.com/charts/mainstream-r-and-b-hip-hop/. She has also received a Northstar radio group presidents award for her soul music achievements https://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-adult-r-and-b-airplay/. In 2022, she won an Indie Soul Grammy for her collaboration with Grammy winner Randy Hall on the single “Turnt Up Tonight” , which also reached #1 on both the USA and UK Soul Charts . The song also peaked at #28 on the Billboard Adult R&B Airplay chart in 2022, which is a huge highlight for her career. She is currently working on new music and projects in both dance and soul music genres