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Alex Majia-Saturday Sessions “All Headliners” (Twitch edition)

mixed by Alex Majia

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Alex Mejia has been in the mix from The Bay to LA since 1986. He is one of the original power mixers at KMEL, the revolutionary radio station known as the People’s Station in San Francisco where he worked with a talented crew of people who shared their knowledge of radio and music.  He followed his dream of making records with artists at Noo Trybe, Virgin, Inc. Records, further elevating his appreciation for good music and artistry.  At Virgin Records, he learned the art of recording and the importance of teamwork and communication by and between artists, musicians and executives. He has been in the music production lab with countless artists and writers, like E-40 and Diane Warren.  He still resides in California and has built an organization with his co-partner called Beats4Hope, which brings people and music together for social good, involving deejays from all over the United States. Beats4hope has been growing its community for the past 7 years and creates funds for Food Banks Nationwide.

So turn the music up and put your headphones on and let’s get ready to party – you can hear the programming and music production knowledge that Alex has picked up over 3 decades!  Celebrate life and let’s dance!

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