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SEEPS has always been obsessed with dancing, dance music and the culture that comes with being brought up as a Nuyorican. She taped dance shows and music videos daily as a youngin so that she could emulate each and every move contained within. 

“I am slightly obsessed with the New York Underground House Sound and movement of the late eighties, and early nineties; my first loves were Masters At Work, Pal Joey, Two Without Hats and Deee-Lite. You can’t be from NYC and not love Kenny and Louie, right”? 

SEEPS’ family, who hailed from the Bronx, heavily influenced her taste and heavy crates as a deep record collector. 

“They always wanted me to listen to “that record” they loved so much. Between my dance, fashion and culture obsessions, mixed with my family influences, and insane basement dance parties, it’s no surprise I turned out the way that I am. I am extremely proud of my upbringing and feel incredibly fortunate; especially to dance. All those factors contribute to my sound as a DJ and as a producer.” 


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